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We're launching a brand new kind of outreach.

The Daisychain Team

It’s been an exciting month at Daisychain HQ — let’s jump right in with a few updates:

  • We just got back from Netroots Nation, where Daisychain WON the award for “Best New Tool” in the annual “New Tools Showcase.” This year, there were 62 entrants and six amazing finalists in the “Best New Tools” category. Each company had about three minutes to present, and the winner was determined by a live vote of hundreds of people in the room. A bit stressful but also a ton of fun! You can check out this post on LinkedIn to learn more.

  • At Netroots Nation, we launched a brand new feature called Charms, which lets anyone text out personalized GIFs that can include any variable content, whether it’s text or image. It’s unlike anything else out there, and we’re excited to see how organizations and campaigns use it. Below is an example for fundraising, but it’s easy to create templates for event recruitment, voter mobilization, and more. And if you’re a current client and want us to activate Charms on your account, reply to this email and we’ll make it happen!
An an animated GIF showing a personalized fundraising message on a cell phone.
  • We also added the ability to insert custom fields, polling place info, and polling place images into Daisychain outreach campaigns. With important elections looming, we’re excited to work with voter mobilization campaigns to help boost turnout. Here’s an example of a Get Out the Vote message with a personalized Charm:
  • We've gotten a recent surge of interest in Daisychain, so we'll probably start hiring soon! If you or anyone you know might be interested, reply to this email or sign up to our job notification list, and we’ll send out proper job posts when we publish them.

OK, that’s it for now — as always, feel free to email us with feedback, questions, and ideas! We read and respond to every message.

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