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Automations to give you superpowers.

Daisychain's automations make it easy to eliminate busywork, streamline follow-ups, and make your entire operation more efficient.

What automations will you build?

Build automations with no code, in less than a minute. We've included a few examples below, but the sky's the limit.

Welcome volunteers.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Build an automation to quickly welcome new signups -- and assign them to the right person on your team to have an ongoing conversation.

Thank donors.

When someone donates, they deserve more than just a cookie-cutter thank you email. Use Daisychain create a more personalized, engaging experience to build a stronger relationship with donors and keep them coming back.

Assign work.

There's no getting around it: organizing can be hard work. But with Daisychain, organizations can make that work more efficient by automating assignments to individual people and teams.

Follow up with leads.

If you're building your supporter base with lead ads, you have a steady stream of brand new people -- people that you'll want someone on your team to track and talk to. Use Daisychain to manage this follow-up from top to bottom.