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Bringing AI magic to outreach and organizing.

Daisychain's AI features help organizations  save time, run better campaigns, and add magic to their workflows. 🪄

Current AI-Powered Features

Automation Filters

Automations can be filtered to a subset of your audience with the power of AI. Write a simple statement written in plain English instead of complex code.

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Automated Messages

Save time by letting Daisychain's built-in AI to suggest the right templated reply to send. Collect and record data instantly and automatically.

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Daisychain's AI Framework

✅  Does it drive impact? There's a lot of AI hype out there. At Daisychain, we're laser-focused on using AI in ways that can actually move the needle for progressive campaigns and non-profits.

✅  Does it make things easier? Staff struggle with complicated query builders, data chaos, and confusing interfaces. Daisychain’s approach to AI should allow for natural language interfaces and smart suggestions delivered at the perfect time.

✅ Does it have integrity? AI has enormous potential to harm and deceive – especially in political communications. Daisychain will never build features that are designed to mislead supporters or the public.

✅ Does it support human connection? Organizing is fundamentally about building relationships. In Daisychain, AI will be used to eliminate busywork, not human connection.

✅ Does it help progressive organizations do big things?
We organize people to do big things together. Daisychain’s implementation of AI should let organizers reach more people, be more effective, and dream of doing big things.