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Make better connections with two-way texting, workflow automation, and more.

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Daisychain 🤝 Mobilize

Daisychain's Mobilize integration helps organizers engage volunteers at scale to have personal conversations, reduce flake rates, and increase engagement over time.

Optimize your outreach.

Daisychain's texting tools integrate deeply with Mobilize to track and measure each RSVP in real-time, and pre-fills Mobilize forms to give you a boost conversions. Send all your initial messages with a single click, and measure and optimize every campaign you send.


Automate busywork.

Daisychain Automations make it easy to build custom workflows to send text messages, assign staff, and invite volunteers to nearby events.


Go beyond the broadcast.

Daisychain’s Inbox powers authentic, efficient, ongoing conversations that make it easy to have real conversations with volunteers that keep them engaged for the long-haul.


Turn RSVPs into journeys.

An RSVP can be the beginning of a deeper, longer-term engagement. Use Daisychain's organizing and engagement tools to convert attendees to volunteers, donors, and champions for your cause.


See a 360-degree view of your RSVPs.

Daisychain's People tools let you track relationships in a streamlined system — complete with timelines, tags, filters, notes,
and more.


Distribute relationships.

Daisychain Assignments let you create clear accountability by assigning Mobilize RSVPs to members of your team to build an ongoing relationship.

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