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Check out our latest case study about using Daisychain to develop grassroots leaders!

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While we don't have any positions currently open, we're always on the lookout for people who might be great additions to the Daisychain team.

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Working at Daisychain

Public Benefit Company

We're a social venture working to maximize our impact on the world, and that commitment is baked into our corporate structure.

Retirement Plan

We offer staff a retirement plan, and we match the contributions that you make to it.

Profit Sharing

All full-time employees at Daisychain participate in a profit-sharing plan.

Healthcare, Vision, and Dental

We provide access to  health, dental, and vision insurance options for you and your family.

Coworking Space

Our team works remotely, but if you'd still like an office to go to, we'll cover the cost of a coworking membership.

Paid Parental Leave

When you welcome a new baby or child to your family we offer paid parental leave.

Professional Development

We want all Daisychain employees to be on a growth trajectory, and offer an annual stipend to support professional development.


We think everyone does their best work when they have time to recharge. All staff receive 3 weeks of vacation and 10 floating holidays each year.

Team Bonding

Remote-work can be isolating, so we make sure to have regular in-person gatherings every 4-6 weeks in NYC and the Hudson Valley.

Rooted in Partnership

We view all of the organizations we support as a partners, and are in true dialogue with our customers.

AI For Good

The world will be reshaped by AI -- at Daisychain, you'll be able to push it in the right direction and harness it as a force for good.

Shared Support

Our whole team shares the work of supporting our customers - which helps us build empathy for our users and develop a better product.

Early Stage

It's early in Daisychain's journey, and joining the team at this stage comes with significant growth potential.


Our north star is impact, and we use data-driven insights to ensure that our platform is helping to move the needle and create real impact in the world.

Equipment Stipend

We'll help make sure you have the gear you need to set up a productive home-office.

Recent News

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Daisychain Case Study: With Many Hands

With Many Hands is a dynamic organization dedicated to building a robust base of grassroots working class leaders in areas traditionally overlooked by progressives.By using Daisychain, With Many Hands has significantly expanded its reach and impact – empowering a growing network of activists ready to lead change.

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How the Daisychain team thinks about AI

The principles that guide Daisychain's approach to AI, and the launch of our first major AI-feature.

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We're launching a brand new kind of outreach.

It’s been an exciting month at Daisychain HQ — we launched a new form of outreach, won an award, and super-charged our texting platform.

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