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Check out our latest case study about using Daisychain to develop grassroots leaders!

A bit about Daisyhain.

Our team has been working at the intersection of technology, progressive politics, and grassroots organizing for decades.

Over the years, we’ve supported hundreds of causes and campaigns — from school board to the White House. 

Lately, everyone we talk to seems to be asking the same questions:

1) What can we do to fix the data chaos created by using a sprawling set of tools that aren't well-integrated?

2) How can we use AI and automations to help campaigns and build people power?

3) Can't we do better than sending out spammy, inauthentic messages?

Daisychain is our answer to these questions. 

Daisychain integrates your data from different tools and sources. It uses automations to reduce grunt work and AI to empower users. And it enables a new kind of outreach that boosts engagement through personalized, dynamic messages.

Daisychain is just getting started, and we’ve got a big vision for where we go from here. 

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