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People, not "lists"

Daisychain lets you do more than just upload a list and blast out a message – it helps you track, manage, and understand real people. Perform advanced targeting, view integrated actions in a unified timeline, and track ongoing conversations with people over extended periods of time.

Integrated Data

Get a 360-degree view of supporter activity by viewing actions from multiple tools integrated into a simple timeline.

Simple Searches

Filter your list in seconds. Search by tags, location, assignments, and integrated action history.

Easy Exports

Need to take your data with you? Export just the right list with just a couple of clicks.

Saved Searches

Save your search to save time. Saved search results dynamically update when new people meet a given set of criteria.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlike other systems, you can store unlimited contacts in Daisychain.

Quick Imports

Get your data into Daisychain in under a minute with our simple CSV-importer.

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