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Check out Charms, a  new way to text out personalized GIFs!
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We're launching a brand new kind of outreach.

It’s been an exciting month at Daisychain HQ — we launched a new form of outreach, won an award, and super-charged our texting platform.

People Assignments and More!

A quick roundup of the latest updates: People Assignments, Pathway Templates, ControlShift integration improvements, and better CSV Imports!

Snippets and Emojis!

Heads up about two recent upgrades to Daisychain. One is for efficiency, the other is more for fun. 🙃

Voicemail more robots!

A short and sweet update about voicemail.

By popular demand...tags!

Tags provide easy, flexible ways to organize People in Daisychain.

Exports and Zapier

A breakdown of Daisychain's newest features: data exports and Zapier!

A good kind of delay.

A quick update about "Delays" and more product improvements.

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