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How the Daisychain team thinks about AI

The Daisychain Team

We officially launched Daisychain in September of 2022. Two months later, ChatGPT launched.

Like the rest of the world, our team was blown away (and a little freaked out) by the power and potential of these new AI models.  

Ever since then, we’ve been thinking about how progressive organizations can responsibly harness AI. We read lots of articles. We talked to a lot of people. And we went on a few long walks to get some perspective.  

Over the last year, we’ve been refining a framework to guide us as we move forward into this brave new AI-powered world. And in the interest of transparency, we’re sharing this frameworkbelow. 

We leaned on these principles to develop our first major AI feature in Daisychain: a co-pilot that helps make texters dramatically more efficient as they recruit for events. You can check it out below:

We’re launching this feature in a closed-beta this week – if you’re interested in learning more or trying it out, feel free to book a demo or drop us a line:

Daisychain’s AI Framework

✅  Does it drive impact?

There's a lot of AI hype out there. At Daisychain, we're laser-focused on using AI in ways that can actually move the needle for progressive campaigns and non-profits.

✅  Does it make things easier?

Staff struggle with complicated query builders, data chaos, and complex interfaces. Daisychain’s approach to AI should allow for natural language interfaces and smart suggestions delivered at the perfect time.

✅ Does it have integrity?

AI has enormous potential to harm and deceive – especially in political communications. Daisychain will never build features that are designed to mislead supporters or the public.

✅ Does it support human connection?

Organizing is fundamentally about building relationships. In Daisychain, AI will be used to eliminate busywork, not human connection.

✅ Does it help progressive organizations do big things?

We organize people to do big things together. Daisychain’s implementation of AI should let organizers reach more people, be more effective, and dream of doing big things. 

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