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Snippets and Emojis!

The Daisychain Team

Heads up about two recent upgrades to Daisychain:

1) Snippets! Snippets are reusable bits of text that you can create and use to quickly send similar messages. Here's a short video that demonstrates how they work. A few notes on snippets:

  • You can insert them by clicking on the little page icon below the message box -- it looks like this:
  • They are shared across your entire Daisychain account -- if you create one, other Users on your account will be able to see and use it.
  • You can create and use snippets from anywhere you can send a message: from the Inbox, from a Person's individual profile, from a card in a Pathway.

2) Emojis

Emoji's work pretty much how you'd expect -- just click the little smiley face and pick your favorite. Mine is:


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