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People Assignments and More!

The Daisychain Team

Here’s a quick list of the latest Daisychain features and improvements since the last update:

People Assignments: You can now assign People to a specific User in your account. Previously, the Assignment functionality was restricted to just Cards. Here’s what it looks like:

Pathway Templates: Now you don’t need to start with a blank slate when creating a new pathway. Pathway Templates include a set of pre-loaded stages, though you can easily add, remove, and rename stages as needed. The first Pathway Templates are:

  • Welcome new volunteers.
  • Ladder of engagement.
  • Donor cultivation.

ControlShift Integration Improvements: Setting up your integration with ControlShift is now easier and more secure. Additionally, you can now add a ControlShift “power-up” to a pathway to allow Users to see petition information and moderation status directly from a card.

Better CSV Imports:

  • You can now name your CSV imports, and view the history of imports.
  • You can use an import file to update records and overwrite existing name and address info.
  • There are better validation errors during the Preview step of CSV uploads.
  • Daisychain will now highlight any extra fields in your CSV that aren’t getting mapped/uploaded.

New Website: we’ve overhauled our website at to provide people with a better sense of Daisychain — feel free to send the link around to anyone who might be a good fit for Daisychain!

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