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SMS Campaigns, New Automation Features, and More

The Daisychain Team

Before we get into all the latest details about Daisychain, heads up that we’ll be at the Movement Conference in St. Louis this week, and at Netroots Nation in Chicago in July. We’d love to connect, so just send us an email and let us know if you’ll be at either event. 

Now, onto the latest features and improvements -- here's a video of the highlights, with more details below.


Text Message Campaigns

Screenshot of Daisychain Text Message Cmapaign

This is the big one: you can now launch Text Message Campaigns in a simple, multi-step wizard. Campaigns enable you to send messages to hundreds or thousands of people with just a few clicks. Here’s some of the features:

  • Complex targeting: use “includes” and “excludes” of different saved searches or lists.

  • Scheduling: draft it now, schedule it to be sent later.

  • Drafts: save your campaigns in a draft-mode to be completed later.

  • Analytics: view helpful stats and elegant graphs showing information on how many people (and which people) are clicking on the links in your messages.

New Automation Features:

  • New New Automation Trigger: use a Mobilize RSVP as a trigger for an automation. (Note, this only applies if you have the Mobilize integration configured in your account)

  • New Automation Step: you can now add a Tag to a person as a step in an automation.

People List Improvements

Daisychain screenshot of bulk action options

It’s now much easier to perform various bulk actions in your People list, including:

  • Bulk tagging, so you can quickly apply a tag (or tags) to multiple people.

  • Bulk assignments, so you can assign multiple people to a specific User in your account.

Additionally, you can now filter your People list to isolate people who aren’t on any pathway:

Daisychain screenshot of "not on a pathway" filter

Card Arrows

Screenshot of Card navigation arrows

You can now navigate between cards in a pathway — the arrows at the top will let you easily move forward or backwards to navigate between cards in a stage.


ActBlue Integration Setup

Screenshot of new ActBlue setup interface

Last but not least, it's now much easier to integrate your ActBlue account, with a clean, multi-step wizard that guides you through the process.

We’ve got lots of features on the roadmap for the next month, so we'll post another update before long.

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