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Ramping up.

The Daisychain Team

As 2023 ramps up, we wanted to share a few updates about Daisychain, the platform we’re building to help progressives scale up effective organizing.

Product and Features

We’ve come a long way in the past few months. The specific features and improvements are too many to list here (you can see a more detailed breakdown on our blog) but our focus has been on automating smart organizing workflows.

To take just one example: one of our clients is working to find and develop new local leaders by running targeted Facebook ads. With Daisychain, it’s easy to setup an automation that will:

  • Import everyone who fills out a Facebook Lead Ad into Daisychain.
  • Text new leads a personalized welcome message five minutes later (The five-minute delay prevents the messages from feeling too automated.)
  • Organize that person in a Daisychain Pathway, which contains a series of defined stages to support leadership development.
  • Assign that person to a designated organizer to build an ongoing relationship.

This is the kind of thing that, without Daisychain, would have required lots of manual work and several different tools. With Daisychain, you can set up this kind of automated workflow in just a couple of minutes.

We also know that Daisychain needs to work for collaborative teams, large and small. That’s why we’ve also been working on a set of features to enable multiple organizers to see the big-picture, and also drill down to their own assigned work. Here’s a quick video that gives a taste of what we're talking about:

Early Access Program

We’ve been working closely with our first batch of Daisychain customers. We have a healthy mix of clients — national political organizations, grassroots activists, and community-based groups — working in multiple countries. These customers have been incredible thought partners by providing feedback, feature requests, and ideas for new directions we can explore. If you or someone you know might be a good fit for Daisychain’s Early Access program, get in touch ( or schedule a call.

New Website

We have a new website for this new year, click around and let us know what you think.


We’re hitting the road in 2023, starting with the Election Tech Debrief in Georgia in a couple weeks and the Non Profit Technology Conference in Denver in April. Let us know if you’ll be at either of these events -- or if you're ever in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York -- we'd love to meet up!

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