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Exports and Zapier

The Daisychain Team

Two big new features in this week’s update:

1) CSV Export

You can now export people to CSV format, which makes it easy to take your Daisychain data wherever you’d like. Exporting data is super-simple — just go to the People section of Daisychain and click Export to generate a CSV file of your complete list. You can also use Filters to Export a subset of your list. Daisychain exports include standard fields, custom fields, and tags.

2) Zapier Integration

You can now connect Daisychain to Zapier — which really means you can connect Daisychain to hundreds of apps and tools in Zapier’s library. For example, you could connect Daisychain to Google Forms, so that every time someone makes a submission to an external form, it adds that person to Daisychain and triggers an automation that sends that person a text message and adds them to a Pathway. If you’re interested in using this feature, please hit reply and we’ll walk you through it.

Beyond those features, we've also rolled out a few notable improvements:

  • Clickable Pathway and Card Names: You can now click the names of a Pathway or Card in the Inbox and People view to be taken to that Pathway.
  • Combined Automations Section: You can now view, create, and manage all your automations from a single section. Just click Settings —> Automations. Note that you can still create and view automations from within a specific Integration page (Settings —> Integrations —> Manage).
  • No more confusing Inbox errors: sometimes there’s a problem delivering a text message — for example, if the recipient’s cell phone is off, the message can’t be delivered. Daisychain used to display unhelpful errors like “Error Code 30005”, but with the latest updates any error you see should be understandable and written in plain English.

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