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By popular demand...tags!

The Daisychain Team

Today we're launching Tags and Filters, which are both designed to help you organize and view your people in Daisychain.

A few notes on tags:

  • Tags are shared across your account, so all users will be able to see and apply them to people.
  • Tags are visible and editable within a Person's profile.
  • You can filter the People list based on Tags. This is setup as an "OR" filter, which means it's easy to create a list of people who are tagged "Volunteer" OR "Donor", for example.

Here's a short video walkthrough of Tags and Filters in action:

And one more bonus feature: you can now add people to a specific stage in a pathway, either from the People list or during CSV upload/import.

Tags and Filters were a request from several clients -- we always appreciate input like this to help make Daisychain better, so keep it coming!

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