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Automations, Short Links, and a Help Center!

The Daisychain Team

We’ve got a fresh batch of Daisychain updates to share today — here’s what’s new:

Automation Updates

We’ve made a few updates to Automations:

  • You can now setup an Event Invitation Step, which invites someone to a nearby Mobilize Event. This automation is configurable, so you can filter events by Type, Tag, and more. If you have questions about using this new feature, please let us know!
  • It’s now much easier to set up “Trigger Filters”, so that your automations only run when certain conditions are met. For example, you can create a filter that will only run an automation if an ActBlue donation is more than $100.
  • You can now edit Automation steps after creating them, which makes it easy to tweak a message (or anything else) after the Automation is already running.

Link Shortening

All links sent out in messages are now automatically shortened. This ensures that links in your messages are shorter and less likely to cause issues with message delivery, and also lays the groundwork for upcoming Daisychain features like link tracking and analytics.

By default, Daisychain links use the domain name “” but we can also use a more neutral domain we own (like or even a custom domain that your organization owns.

This would change a long link like:

To something short like:

Help Center

You can now go to our Help Center if you have questions about Daisychain. We’ll add new articles and tutorial videos in the coming weeks and months, so let us know if you think anything is missing!

Other Updates:

  • You can now filter your People list by State (or region or province).
  • You can now filter your People list by matching on either “any of the tags” or “all of the tags.” This means that if you have a tag for “volunteer” and a tag for “donor”, you can easily filter a list of your donors who are also volunteers.
  • You can now use our Zapier integration to add tags.
  • You can now upload import CSVs with tags.
  • The layout for cards has been modified to make it easier to see all activity/messages related to a person.

That's all for now -- keep the feedback and ideas coming!

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