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How With Many Hands Used Daisychain to Build a Base of Grassroots Leaders

With Many Hands is a dynamic organization dedicated to building a robust base of grassroots working class leaders in areas traditionally overlooked by progressives.

By using Daisychain, With Many Hands has significantly expanded its reach and impact – empowering a growing network of activists ready to lead change.

How With Many Hands Uses Daisychain

Automations & Integrations for Quick Follow-Up

With Many Hands runs ongoing Facebook ads to recruit local leaders – data integration enables those Facebook leads to flow into Daisychain seamlessly, where an Automation is triggered to send a personal text message. This ensures that every new local leader gets rapid, personalized follow-up from a real organizer.

Tomás Garduño, Senior Organizing Strategist for With Many Hands said “We have a strict practice of 24 hour response time to new leads – and having the leads appear automatically in Daisychain helps us stick to this practice.”

Texting for Engagement

Texting is central to the With Many Hands strategy and lets the organization meet volunteers where they are – on their phones – with a scalable, personal touch. This approach is vital for mobilizing supporters for event recruitment, relationship building, and disseminating important updates.

Organizations everywhere are struggling to get people to even read their text messages – but the ability to personalize messages to be specific to the place or local issue (while still also being able to send mass texts to a large group of people at once) has been a game-changer. Daisychain has boosted With Many Hands engagement rates through a level of personalization that distinguishes their messages from the mass text spam that everyone gets.

Pathways for Leadership Development

Daisychain’s Pathways feature is strategically employed to guide interested individuals from passive supporters to active leaders. With Many Hands has built customized Pathways that transition people that have shown an interest from being total strangers to conducting 1-on-1 meetings in less than a week. Pathways help With Many Hands track people that need more engagement in order to move forward in their leadership journey.

Nathan Henderson-James, Blended Organizing Tech & Data Strategist for With Many Hands, said “Organizing is about relationships and Daisychain does the best job I've experienced with a digital tool in allowing an organizer to track her relationships at practically any stage. It can work on a granular level, such as helping an organizer track contacts for event turnout, and on a macro level, such as helping track where leaders are within a leadership development program. Daisychain's support is responsive, timely, and inquisitive, helping you fix immediate problems while also resolving pain points that might crop up as you use the tools over the long-term.”

Assignments for Accountability

The Assignments function allows With Many Hands to clearly delegate tasks among teams, ensuring that every organizer knows their responsibilities and how these contribute to broader objectives.

Jeneva Martinez, the Junior Campaign Organizer for With Many Hands in Roswell, said “Daisychain has helped me stay organized with communication with people in my community, allowing me to keep notes and make categories by grouping individuals into follow up calls, one-on-ones, volunteers and so much more. But beyond features, I’m most impressed with how user-friendly and responsive the support team is with Daisychain.”

"Daisychain has been an invaluable resource to help further the With Many Hands Organizing Campaign. It's an immense time saver to increase the efficiency of moving the work forward."
Courtney McCary
Junior Campaign Organizer
"Daisychain does the best job I've experienced with a digital tool in allowing organizers to track relationships at practically any stage."
Nathan Henderson-James
Blended Organizing Tech & Data Strategist
“Beyond features, I’m most impressed with how user-friendly and responsive the support team is with Daisychain.”
Geneva Martinez
Junior Campaign Organizer


Supporters identitified who were not previously involved in social justice work.
Grassroots leaders developed.
New organizing projects that have won concrete improvements in working people's lives.

Help With Many Hands Grow

With Many Hands is a long-term organizing project, and is off to a strong start. As they continue to refine their strategies and broaden their influence, they have already won real gains for working people and they have only begun to unlock the huge potential for this effort to build real momentum in communities across the country.

With Many Hands (a project of Tides/Addition) is a true grassroots effort that is moving resources to the people that actually make change, working people in their own communities. To help them grow their work, please consider donating to our work (select Addition in the drop down menu).

They also have a sister organization, Many Hands Action, a project of the Addition Collective Action Fund/Movement Strategy Center Action Fund, that allows them to engage more directly in political activity – you can support that initiative.