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Check out Charms, a  new way to text out personalized GIFs!

A bit about us.

Hey everyone,

Jon and Nathan here, co-founders of Daisychain.

We’ve been working at the intersection of technology, progressive politics, and grassroots organizing for years. And lately, we’ve noticed a couple things:

1. We’re all getting spammed with inauthentic messages rather than being asked to make a difference and get to work.

2. We’re all struggling with a sprawling set of tools that don’t play nicely with each other.

We’re building Daisychain to try to help organizers use digital tools to get ambitious work done at scale. It’s a clean and modern toolset – and it’s designed from the ground-up to help organizations forge authentic relationships, save time, and build power.

We’re launching with the basics: a flexible framework for organizing people, streamlined conversational texting, and a core set of integrations with other tools.

We know the stakes are high and time is scarce, so Daisychain lets you build automations to  eliminate busy work – which leaves more time for having real conversations and building powerful movements.

Daisychain is just getting started, and we’re partnering with a handful of progressive organizations to help decide what we build next.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Jon & Nathan
Jon Warnow
Nathan Woodhull